Bildraths Mercantile

"The sparse light from this building spills out from behind drawn heavy curtains. A sign over the door, creaking on its hinges, reads 'Bildrath's Mercantile''

General Information

The establishment is 70 feet long by 40 feet wide. The owner, Bildrath Cantemir (male human), sells items from the Adventuring Gear table in the Player's Handbook, but only items with a price lower then 25 gp in the table, and he sells them for ten times the price.

At the Time…

The Barrel Battalion at the time, recently arrived from a distant inn, found themselves short of coin and could not afford any of Bildrath's goods at those prices. They left with out causes much of scene, and without buying anything. As they left, Bildrath reminded them "If you want it badly enough, you'll pay for it".
The party has yet to return.


Bildraths Mercantile

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