Hello all! Welcome to the main page of the Barrel Battalion! This group meets in person usually Sunday evening, weekly for a four to five hour session.

This portal's main goal to better manage player info, story progression and quest lines.

- Forum : We have a forum set up with a few topics, feel free to check it out! If you don't see a topic that fits, just post it in the general forum

- Calendar : This will have all the scheduled sessions, as mentioned it is usually on Thursday but it may be moved around.

- Adventure Log : Brief session reports of the parties adventures. – Media Library : A drop box of various pictures, and text documents.

- Wiki : The official information for Storm King's Thunder, only includes information known by the party. This can include locations, NPCs, quests, major events, and monsters.

- Characters : Both PCs and NPCs can be found here.

- Maps : Most recent and relevant maps for Storm King's Thunder. These can be regional, city, or dungeons.

The Adventures of the Barrel Battalion - CoS

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